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A new year's resolution for wisdom

By Jeanette Dal Santo

Dear Ladies,

Another year over!

Traditionally we now move into our festive season followed by a time to make those New Year resolutions.

Of course these traditions inherited from our Northern hemisphere forebears had a climate to match this act of consideration. Winter was conducive to ‘bunkering down’ a time to sit and watch the fire inducing a space of introspection and reflection. That deep, quiet nurturing space.

A little more difficult to obtain in our hot, humid environment. Now we may head down to the beach to walk the sand at dawn or take a stroll at dusk. Perhaps we rise early to sit in a favourite spot. Or do we make one of those hasty ‘off the cuff’ New Year decisions that only collapse under the weight of every-day living by the second week in January?

Personally, I’ve never made New Year Resolutions. Perhaps my rebel nature railed against such a tradition. Thinking about this now as I write our final 2018 Newsletter there is a resolution that comes to mind. One that came under discussion yesterday with our lovely member, Lara-Jane Stewart.

Lara-Jane is one of WINDO’s guest artists at our International Women’s Week Festival show ‘Steppin Out’. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me sharing part of that conversation.

The resolution?

The act of Waiting.

The act of Non-reaction.

Believing that Time is often very relevant to the decisions that must be made.

It’s not one of procrastination but one of considered Wisdom.

That we take time to ask the inherent Wisdom in all of us to rise; it gives us the answers.

These answers could come in the guise of an overheard conversation from a complete stranger. Or the behaviour of someone offers us a mirror of reflection. A song with its poignant lyric that just ‘happens’ to be playing. That split second of recognition that signals – “within this scenario lies the answer”.

Our discussion resonated with me, especially as Founder and President of WINDO Inc. Developing and guiding WINDO has been a tremendous challenge for me personally at times.

It's a challenge that I welcome unconditionally. It’s exciting and visionary. It’s a place of wonder that never ceases to amaze me. Nothing is achieved by a single person. Indeed, WINDO could not stand without the input of our Sponsors, our Board and our Marketing Consultants. Our many, many contributors.

The glue of course within this organisation is YOU, our members and supporters, who continually support us by attending our events, offering suggestions and engaging in thoughtful and considered discussion regarding WINDO’s development.

We all know that this moment in our history is challenging. We do have the answers to those challenges. They lie within this inherent considered Wisdom. The Wisdom that can be accessed through our willingness to expand our intellectual and heart-felt understanding of ourselves and others. To be informed at all levels of our ‘humanness'.

Women globally are moving toward new found passions and novel solutions within their own lives and spheres of influence. Let’s hope that we continue to build the courage to address the greater challenges within our own communities, and indeed the global community. Leading to a place of peace and understanding upheld by compassionate action and innovative thought.

So please consider making your New Year resolution from this space. Do it in a way that honours YOU. Take time to choose a place where you access your true heart’s desire. Do it with reverence of Spirit. Do it within the act of quiet contemplation and have the courage to let time give you its answer.

See you in 2019.

Jeanette Dal Santo

About this contributor

Jeanette Dal Santo, Founder & President of WINDO Inc., is a visionary pioneer and community leader who has created and run major arts, health and community development initiatives across Australia that find new ways to educate, inspire and develop collaboration across community and foster important community cultural and structural changes.

Contact her via windowomen.org


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