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Need a boost? Why a medical massage might be your answer

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

By Jodi Drysdale

Medical Massage not only helps you relax, it helps treat everything from sports and work related injuries to lesser talked about symptoms of digestive disorders, jaw pain, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, migraines, painful hands or feet, circulation issues and insomnia.

I used to wonder, how is it that some people do not enjoy being massaged? That was, until I had a dud massage in Bali.

The 'therapist' obviously had no idea, so after a few minutes, I asked her if she could just focus on giving me a scalp massage. Most women will understand how lovely it feels to have someone #massage your scalp, even someone brushing your hair can feel amazing!

Unfortunately, Miss Bali started doing some strange and painful chop stick techniques on my skull, with hard and random blows to my head. This gave me the insight as to why not everyone enjoys receiving a massage...

The trick to finding a good therapist, goes along the same lines as finding a good GP or hairdresser. There may be dozens of people in your town that claim to do a certain profession. Digging a bit deeper, we usually find that there are fewer professionals that specialise, genuinely love what they do and have a gift for it.

For all the different styles of massage that exist, it's become apparent that most quality exists where education meets experience, professionalism, instinct and that magical X factor.

It seems that anyone can claim to give a good relaxation massage, yet once you experience a relaxation treatment from a medical masseuse, the combination of specialised essential oils, reflexology, Indian scalp massage and the release of specific muscular tension will create a whole different level of bliss for you!

Medically-trained remedial massage therapists may also be able to help clear a wide range of ailments for you. From the well known sports and work related injuries, to the lesser talked about symptoms of digestive disorders, jaw pain from grinding your teeth, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, migraines, painful hands and/or feet, circulation issues and insomnia.

A good therapist will help instil hope, helping you understand how your daily habits can affect your quality of life. The position we sleep in, the esteem in which we value our health and our precious bodies, the position of your head rest when you drive... there are so many factors that greatly influence how we feel and the side effects of how these choices influence our lives.

Did you know that the average person, spends more on their health in the last twelve months of their lives, than their whole entire life combined before that?

Why wait until the end is near?!

You are special each and every day. Looking after this precious vehicle in which you live is imperative to being able to live the life of your dreams.

We service our cars before they break down, do you service the musculature in your body regularly too?

Just one quality hour of massage can be equivalent to eight hours of sleep. With stress being the number one cause of disease in these human bodies, medical massage is the ultimate remedy.

You deserve some time to yourself to recharge, relax and unwind, because you're worth it!

About this contributor

Jodi Drysdale B.B H.M, Dip App Sci R.T, Cert IV M.T, MATMS is a multi-award winning remedial massage therapist and passionate about helping people feel better. With has over 20 years' experience including three years with physiotherapy clinic, six years with the Noosa Clinic doctors' surgery and over 12 years in her own practice, you can be assured you're in safe hands when you receive a beautiful treatment from Jodi.

For more about her work, visit:

Pure Health Medical Massage

Suite 3, 199 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville

0416 213 725



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