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The retreat I can't talk about

Shared by Mette Sorensen

At the end of the world’s longest running play, Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap, the cast swears the audience to silence on who done it. The audience keeps its promise because they had a ball and want other people to experience the same thrill.

There's no such request at the Spirit of Women Retreat, but participants keep the secret anyway, not just because of the incredible finale, but the journey to it. You’ll know why if you decide to be in the story.

My first retreat is not something I am choosing to do exactly. Who needs a 1960s throwback? And anyway, there’s bound to be stuff I wouldn’t be caught dead doing. But my new sister-in-law Dawn is co-host of the retreat and says it will be good for me and asks me nicely and so I say yes.

When 20 women from all over - Darwin, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and locals from the Sunshine Coast - arrive at the Kin Kin main hall, I think, this cannot work. Everyone is so different - ages, personal styles, lifestyles, wealth, work, family types. Most seemed like me - wary.

When we ask each other why we are here, we realise all bar one has the same reply: a friend or relative said it would be good for us. A ‘must-do’. And none of those friends or relatives would give any detail as to why. Their vibe was the advertisement.

Some of us are unhappy - relationship bust ups, a cancer scare, heavy caring loads. All of us need a recharge.

Five days later, we are sitting in a circle writing when I look around and marvel at these relaxed, powerful, confident women. I know them all better and I like every single one of them. I notice that they look, well, transformed. Younger. More beautiful. And that was before the best party I’ve ever been too.

I can explain this mostly by the presence of Dawn, the retreat’s leader Mette, and their assistants. They are all great entertainers as well as teachers, and they all participate in the program rather than stand apart.

The detox helps too - delectable vegetarian food, fresh, fresh air, pool and sauna. You’re not pampered as such - you work hard sometimes - but you are explored - by yourself and by others.

By the end I feel we’ve all been in a play, rediscovering our joy in living and in meeting other women. It’s magic.

Yes, I’ve recommended the retreat to friends. And no, I won’t tell you anything more about it.

It works because you don’t know and you’re prepared to enter the unknown. But I will tell you one thing about how the retreat changed me.

I never sing because I can’t. My voice sticks in my throat and is horribly off key. On the last night I sang solo, big and deep and easy on the ear. And I was happy.

Thinking of this and our time together still fills my heart with warmth and joy and also a feeling of excitement, like we're sharing a secret. I have to admit that the bonding between us women has been for me so much stronger than any before. I feel very connected with all of them and it surprises me in a way. It's a great feeling.

The final Spirit of Woman Retreat for 2018 runs 24-28 October in the Sunshine Coast. Bring a friend for half price. For more information, visit: www.highspiritsretreat.com.au.

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Mette Sorensen is Principal at High Spirits Retreat. With over 20 years' experience, Mette's Institute offers training which encourages confidence and clarity. She can help you nurture your soul, fan the flame of your passion and regain inner strength and courage to reach your highest potential.

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